How to Avoid Low Water Pressure Issues

Things to try to avoid low water pressure issues

When you buy a house, you want it to have good quality pipelines. Water is an important part of any home, so you should make sure you have a great pipeline to avoid risks in water requirements. Here are a few things to look for and how to avoid low water pressure Issues. The water flow can be varied for many different reasons. Low water pressure issues can arise from pipe corrosion, pipe leakage and wider length supply pipe. Follow these step by step procedures to fix your water flow issues.


This testing procedure is only suitable for a sink supply pipe. First, check every tap is turned off. Then, using the tap that you think is the issue – turn on and fill a bucket to 5 litres with water from the tap. This should take no longer than 30 seconds to reach 5 litres. If it takes more time, then it is most likely a water flow issue.

How to Avoid Low Water Pressure Issues

Its really helpful if you can resolve water drop issues yourself. First of all, you need to check the major valve of your water source. You should turn the valve in a clockwise direction and it should be half open. After a few minutes, you should turn on the water valve completely and this should generate enough force to simply eliminate unwanted deposits from the valve.


The aerator is one of the most important parts of a faucet. The faucet needs to be checked to avoid unwanted water pressure drops. You need to seperate the screen from the aerator using a wrench, and then completely clean it before putting it back on the aerator.

How to Avoid Low Water Pressure Issues

How to avoid low water pressure issues by checking pressure regulators

Pressure regulators need to be checked for better water flow, this can be a reason for low water pressure. Low water pressure in house can occur from three ways, such as – fixture specific low pressure, temperature low pressure and whole house low pressure. You should not attempt to repair any major pipelines yourself as this could cause more problems. You should contact an experienced plumber to resolve you water leakages and major pipeline issues.

Here is a youtube video with some information on how to correct low water pressure


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