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Home water pressure problems

The low water pressure in house is a common problem occurring in many homes today due to several reasons. One of the most common problems for low water pressure in house is a lot of plumbing fixtures running simultaneously, which minimize the pressure of water at each fixture. The water pressure will most likely be reduced during the morning and evening periods. This is likely due to reduced water pressure in the major network.

low water pressure in house

When the pressure in the water is not enough to flow the water to reach the top of a house, the low-pressure problem can occur. But this case is very rare and only matters in an emergency event. The reduction in water pressure does not affect the kitchen tap inside your home. Rather than, the supply of water is more likely to experience the low water flow. Usually, the low water pressure can be easily identified by just considering the flow of water to your tap or shower.

This kind of water pressure will be the same for all the houses in an area based on the condition of the private supply pipe. If you want to know how to test the water pressure, below are the steps to be followed:

  • Initially, you can fill 4.5-litres of water in a bucket.
  • Make sure all other taps and appliances using water are turned off completely.
  • To fill the bucket with water, it usually takes about 30 seconds.
  • If it takes a longer time to fill the bucket, then there is an issue with the water pressure or flow.

Major cause for low water pressure in house

Major causes of low water pressure in house

When you have an issue of low water pressure in your home, below are the major causes to slow down the water flow that includes:

  • Buildups of mineral and debris in water pipes

The solution to this problem is to find the section of a pipe and break down the debris using plumbing chemicals.

  • A buildup of corrosion inside the pipe

A perfect solution for this cause is replacing all the pipes. It can be an expensive process, but has a positive impact.

  • Leakages in plumbing

If there is a leakage in your home pipes, contact a plumber to repair as soon as possible.

  • Malfunctions in a municipal water supply

This cause may also lead to leaks, buildups and other problems. The only solution is to contact a plumber for their advice.


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Best solutions for low water pressure

Low water pressure is a problem that can affect a lot of homes. One of the best solutions and how to avoid low water pressure in house is the water pressure boosting pump that helps to increase the flow rate to slow running water. The major cause of water pressure build-up is that the same water line is being used by many residents. This can be caused by a build-up of minerals that can decrease the flow rate and diameter inside the pipe. In such cases, you can use the water pressure boosting pump.


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