Causes of Low Water Pressure

Causes of low water pressure and what might cause low water pressure in your home

Here are a few causes of low water pressure in your house. Water is an important need for each and every human being in the world. You have to use water for daily requirements such as drinking, bathing and washing clothes. However, a direct pipeline is important for every home to avoid the risk of water becoming unavailable from someone else. People couldn’t survive if there was no more water on earth so you should avoid wastage of water. The low water pressure in the house is an irritating problem for a homeowner. You need to wait longer to get water from the pipe so this problem needs to be solved immediately. Actually many factors can cause low pressure of water. You should act immediately as per causes of water leakage and water pressure issues.

The water source elevation issue is one of the reasons for low water pressure. Every home has been built with some design that includes a pipeline. Generally you should expect some force from the pipeline to expel the water without any issues. The higher height may cause water flow issues but that can be solved by raising the water storage tank. The peak usage might be a reason for the unwanted low water pressure issue. Some homeowners share the same water pipeline with their neighbours. This could cause water flow issues, so it is best to avoid sharing a pipeline.

Other Causes of low water pressure could be a faulty pressure regulator

The pressure regulator fault can be a big reason for slow water pressure issue. The pressure regulator is important as it regulates the water at a certain speed. You need to confirm the water pressure level is normal or not. If it is low then you may not get enough water simultaneously from the pipelines. You could solve this problem by hiring an experienced plumper so that they can simply replace the bar regulator. You should not replace the regulator yourself as it is important to avoid damage to the pipeline. Leakage is a major pipeline problem and it is also a reason for low water pressure issue.

Blocked plumbing is another reason for water pressure drop and it happens due to the mineral deposit.  Normally a plumber is only able to resolve the blocked plumbing issues so you may have to hire a professional plumber. You could prevent pipe leakage, water pressure drop and other faults with proper maintenance. The user should avoid all possibilities of water pressure drop otherwise you could experience disasters such as pipeline breakage, water pressure drop and other pipeline faults. You can get some advice from a plumber to simply keep the pipeline running effectively. You could try to identify the cause of water pressure drop before hiring a plumber, as this will save you money.

Here is a video with some information on what might cause low water pressure 


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