All That You Want to Learn about Hot Water Pressure Washers

A popular belief about hot water pressure washers is that these machines get things done. You can talk about endless features and technologies used in a particular cleaning machine. However, what users feel, can be entirely different. If survey is conducted, chances are that a hot water pressure washer will be ranked top in terms of user confidence.

Perhaps the high pressure output is what makes the difference for hot water pressure washers. The output temperature of these machines is 210 degrees Fahrenheit, while the output pressure level can range up to 4000 psi, based on the model.

The following is an overview of some of the basic features of a hot water pressure washer.

How Pressure Washing Machines Work
These are used mainly to clean hard surfaces, such as farm equipment, concrete floors, parking slots, pavement, sidewalks, stadiums, and many other surfaces.. The harder the surface, the safer it is. The high pressure output can cause damages on softer surfaces.

A pressure washing machine is a rugged machine that is designed for more challenging applications. It works by pumping high pressure output, which blasts away almost any kind of dirt, grease, grime, and other substances from hard surfaces. The major parts of these machines are a pump that produces the high output pressure, a motor or engine to power the system, and in the case of hot water or steam, the addition of heating coils to heat the machine.

Types of Machines
There are many ways to classify a pressure washing machine. Most of the classifications are simple and often the machine’s title explains the classification. You can have electric pressure washers and gas pressure washers, among others. Electric machines can use an electric motor to power the machine on or off, while gas pressure washers have a combustion engine that burns gasoline, propane, or diesel, depending up on the type of machine.

Then you have portable pressure washing machines, either attached with wheels or can be mounted on trucks and trailers. Another method of classifying the machine is based on the output temperature: as cold water machines, hot water pressure washers, and steam pressure washing machines.

A cold water machine is what its name suggests. It provides cold water – or non-heated water – as output. A hot water pressure washer provides an output temperature of 210 degrees Fahrenheit, while a steam pressure washer offers an output temperature of up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some of the latest commercial pressure washer machines are tri-mode machines, meaning they can provide all three kinds of outputs – that is, cold water, hot water, and steam.

Benefits of Hot Water Washers
A hot water pressure cleaning machine should be the most popular choice for hard surface cleaning. There are basically two reasons for the popularity. First, hot water washers are more cost effective than some of the sophisticated models, for example, steam machines or tri-mode models. Second, a slight reduction in temperature does not affect the efficiency of the machine by much.

After all, the major power source of any pressure washer is the output pressure. Top hot water washers can provide an output pressure level of up to 4000 psi. A hot water washer with an output pressure level of at least 3000 psi would be handy for carrying out most kinds of hard surface cleaning tasks, especially outdoors.

In addition, applying a higher output may not be suitable for some kinds of surfaces. For example, steam output can melt asphalt if it is applied with too much pressure and for extended periods of time. When cleaning floors or most other surfaces, a hot water washer is a always a much better choice than non steam pressure washing equipment.

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