Water Pressure Tank Installation

Water Pressure Tank Installation

As a home owner you are aware of how beneficial it can be to acquire the appropriate water pressure and so with the use of the know-how regarding water pressure tank installation you will be able to ensure that the appropriate amount of water pressure is experienced throughout your home. With the implementation of this step-by-step guide not only will you be increasing your general home improvement knowledge but you will also be provided with the opportunity to save an abundance of money by not having to hire a handyman. It is a simple process even for the least home improvement savvy individuals.

Step 1: Find the Appropriate Tank

There are a wide variety of different water pressure tank retailers that can be utilized to your benefit. Whether it be from a big box store such as Home Depot or Lowes or from an independent store owner there are an ample amount of water pressure tanks available on the market. You will want to find the appropriate tank to fit in your desired location and that is made out of the most resilient materials to ensure longevity.

How to Check Valve in the water during the pressure tank installation

The second step is to install your check valve that will come from the well to the tank. You will want to install this valve before the placement of the pressure switch that should already be wired into the pump of your well. Once you have placed the check valve into the valve you will then want to screw a pipe on to connect to the T joiner. There should be an arrow on the check valve and you will want to ensure that arrow is pointing towards the house pipe. The main reason for this arrow is to show the direction that the water will flow so you will want to make sure that the water is flowing from the well to the house.

Using the the T joiner to finish your water pressure tank installation

Step 3: Take the pipe that is on top of the T joiner and screw it to the pressure tank. On the opposite side of the T joiner you will then want to screw on the house pipe.

Step 4: Place your water tank in the location that you desire.

Step 5: Take Teflon tape and wrap it 3-5 times around the threads of all of the pipes on the tank. Step 6: Utilize a plumber’s wrench and screw the final pipe into the water pressure tank and start up the system, this will show you if there are any leaks and your water pressure tank installation is complete.

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