Water Pressure Tank | What is it?

A Water pressure tank is a specific type of tank that is used to store water and channelize the flow of water into a house, office or some specific place using air pressure. You may have spotted the oxygen tanks being used in hospitals. They work according to the same concept.

Typically, it is used along with a well system to supply water into the house. How does it work exactly?. The water is stored in the tank leaving space for some air. The air exerts the pressure required to channelize the water flow.

What type of a water pressure tank do you own?

There are two types of tanks. The first category is the traditional one where a certain level is marked within the tank beyond which the tank will not be filled. This allows for some air to exist above the water level. Upon functioning, this air exerts the pressure and water flows out of the tank to wherever desired. The second or the more recent type of water pressure tank is the one that uses a bladder. Within the tank, a bladder made up of rubber is placed which gets filled with water. Air remains within the tank but outside the bladder. The concept of functioning still remains the same with a water pressure tank that has a bladder.

These tanks play a significant role in many households across the world. It hardly has any negatives. Normally, every one of them has a safety mechanism to leak air or water when the internal environment becomes unstable. This safety mechanism helps to get rid of higher air pressure than what is needed. It also leaks water in case the tank gets overfilled. Almost every company manufacturing these specific types of tanks would adhere to this widely applied safety feature.

Problems that can be associated with your water pressure tank

There are a few different problems that can arise from these tanks. The common problems associated with one of these are leaky valves or issues with the bladder. These can be quickly fixed by replacing them or repairing them. You may have trouble with the air pressure of one of these as well. In such a scenario you would have to get a specialist to check and fix the problem. You may not be able to fix the air pressure problem yourself if you do not have enough know how about a water pressure tank.

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