Commercial Cleaning Calls for High Pressure Output

Pressure washers are usually associated with heavy duty cleaning in industrial and commercial establishments such as restaurants, as well as in institutions like hospitals and schools. These commercial pressure washers use a mixture of pressure, heat and water flow to deliver the desired results in numerous environments. Advanced pressure washing equipment can also be used in industries such as auto detailing where lower pressure coupled with low flow rates do the work better than absolute force.

Applications and Equipment

Purchasing a pressure washer must be based on the type of application the cleaning machine is needed for. Specially designed pressure washers with low pressure levels and low flow rates work best for auto detailing. In such cases the intense pressure of an industrial pressure washer is not required to clean the car. High pressure can not only damage the car’s exteriors and paint, it can also lead to the waste of large amounts of water.

Low Flow Washers for Specific Industry Use

Pressure washing machines with low flow technology uses a combination of power and heat clean the car’s exteriors. The pressure output from these machines should not exceed 1500 psi as it can cause dents, scratches and chip off the paint as well. Generally with pressure washing equipment, higher flow rates are matched with higher output pressure levels. However, pressure washing machines with low flow rates are the best for auto detailing as they use minimal water, which can save on water bills and environmental issues.

Commercial Cleaning Calls for High Pressure Output

In a commercial operations, however, the stains and dirt are more stubborn and requires the higher pressure power of an advanced pressure washing machine. The cleaning power of a quality pressure washing machine ensures the complete removal of oil stains, grease marks, chemical spills and debris. Powerful cleaning machines can carry out commercial and industrial cleaning with a high degree of efficiency.

Pressure Washers Handle Complex Cleaning Tasks Effortlessly

Advanced cleaning machines for industrial cleaning come with variable temperature settings. The pressure output from these machines can reach a high of 3000 psi and the flow rate is generally around 5 gallons per minute. They are designed to carry out the most complex of commercial cleaning tasks effortlessly and quickly.

Choose Between Electric and Propane Operated Machines

Powerful pressure washing machines help restaurants and factories keep their flooring and equipment clean and stain-free. A pressure washing machine that runs on propane is preferred by business owners because they can be used in many settings, including larger areas where there is no electric supply source. Such pressure washing equipment is best for cleaning exterior areas and can easily be handled and move around. Electrically operated machines can also be used depending on your specific needs and availability of outlets.

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