How to avoid low water pressure in house

Water is the most precious thing in the world without water. You can’t survive in this world but water is also dangerous when it has a low pressure. In every house having shower, dishwasher if you have low water pressure in your house it will mess up all things in your house. So we have to figure out these problems and fix these problems as fast as fast. Most important cause for low water pressure was corroded galvanized iron pipes. If we are living in an old house means we can surely face these problems because those people are using galvanized pipes. Galvanized pipes are easily corroded inside over the years so fix two valves to the pipes and one valve is for on and another one is for off. If one valve gets corroded means you can easily find out the low water pressure so use the screwdriver and hammer to recover the corroded pipe. Showers and bath taps are problematic because the valves are usually fixed in walls so we can’t easily recover those kinds of pipes. In case you are having an access panel means you are the luckiest person in the world or else you have broken out the wall. Use the access panel to the shower or affected pipes and clean out the dirt in the pipe.

Another common cause for the low pressure water was pressure regulator, it is a bell shaped device and it is usually placed in front of our house. It is already present by manufacturers and we don’t need to set it often. Sometimes it also goes bad, the reason behind this is low pressure, so don’t do it0 alone to fix this problem. Call your plumber to fix these problems. Low water pressure may occur on your valves and pipes so they could be leaked or turned off. In case any valves are turned off accidently means make sure that home and customer valves are open. Check your pipes and valves are leaks, so fix those problems as soon as possible or else these may also cause low water pressure.Check your water pressure it exceeds 80 psi(pounds per square inch)  it surely causes for low water pressure so call your plumber immediately. You didn’t face any above problems but still you are suffering from low water pressure means you have to call immediately to the professional plumber.


  1. Use pressure gauge to test level of our water pressure 
  2. In case your pressure is too high when compared to normal means, immediately call a licensed contractor to fix the water pressure regulator.
  3. Replace the old tube water supply lines with steel braided supply lines and change the supply line in kitchen and bath taps and valves.
  4. In case you are housing, having any washer rubber supply lines means changing it with a steel braided supply lines.

So always check your water pressure twice in a day it may prevent all your problems, in case any problem means call your plumber

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